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Grain Free Cat Food Recipes

When you want to choose the best pet food for your cat, Whole Earth Farms®️ is an easy choice. With a variety of wet and dry food options, there is sure to be something your cat will love. We start every recipe with high quality proteins from real chicken, turkey, whitefish, or salmon for optimum nutrition. Our wet foods for cats include even more options, like real chicken, turkey, beef, duck, salmon, or tuna as the first ingredient for great taste that even the finickiest of felines will find irresistible.

Image of salmon, chicken and steak, all included in our cat food

#1 Ingredient: High-Quality Protein

Cats thrive on protein, that’s why our cat food recipes feature high-quality protein as the first ingredient. You’ll find at least two meat, poultry, or fish protein sources in every recipe. With pairings like chicken and turkey, duck and turkey, or salmon and turkey your cat will have a hard time choosing a favorite! And when it comes to our wet cat foods, you can count on the same quality proteins—and even more variety. Feed your cat deliciously smooth pâtés or savory morsels in gravy recipes, all featuring high-quality proteins as the first ingredient. Look for tantalizing options like real chicken, turkey, duck, or beef for cats with a hearty appetite, and real salmon or tuna for your fish-loving feline.

Cooked in America With the Earth's Best Ingredients

Our veterinarian and nutrition experts helped us formulate grain free recipes that are perfectly-balanced for optimal nutrition for your cat. Every recipe starts with multiple protein sources for balanced nutrition and includes wholesome foods like potatoes and peas, along with all the important vitamins and minerals you cat needs. What do we leave out? We don’t use corn, soy, wheat, fillers, or poultry by-product meals to make our pet foods. We also skip artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

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Whole Earth Farms Cat Food Recipes

Find Your Grain Free Cat Food

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Cat Food is made with real, natural ingredients. We believe that all pets deserve a healthy meal, which is why we only put the best in our recipes. We keep it simple by using real, natural ingredients sourced from our trusted network of farmers. Every ingredient must pass our strict quality standards to ensure “only the good” is in your cat's bowl.